Adult Discipleship

Adult Discipleship

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Senior Care Committee 

The Senior Care Committee aids and assists our Senior members. Each year we show our sincere appreciation for our elders at the annual Senior Care Dinner celebration. 

Historical Committee 

This committee’s primary purpose and objective is to maintain and preserve the historical legacy of Corinthian Baptist Church from 1868 to the present time for current and future generations. Duties include: 

Accumulating, compiling, maintaining, and preserving factual information in the form of written records and documentation, oral historical accounts and interviews, visual presentations, photographs of CBC events and activities and tangible church related objects.

Membership is open to CBC members who are 18 years of age and older.

Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee’s mission is to facilitate the continuing education of members of CBC at an accredited college, university or school of specialized training with financial and resource support.  An annual scholarship is presented in August (1st half, fall school term) and January (2nd half, winter school term) if all the criteria are met.  

In addition, workshops, guest speakers and other activities are planned to assist students & parents through the educational process.  The Fund is supported by the CBC budget allocation, donations from members and supporters.  The Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per year or when an event or issue warrants coming together.  We welcome the addition to our Committee, individuals with a commitment to support Kingdom building by enriching the lives of students.