12 Tribes “Possessing the Land” Plan

Each member of Corinthian is automatically placed into a tribe (one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel) with the expectation that a "sacrificial" offering will be given each month to help Corinthian "possess the land."  

The first Sunday of each month will be "Proclamation Day" and the official kickoff of that month's contributions.The emphasis is on attaining participation for each tribe and not on the amount given. Contributions can be made by tribe members anytime or Sunday in that month and will be attributed to the tribe's goal for the month.

Chief tribe leaders are assigned to each tribe with the objective of reaching the 100% goal each month.  They can be as creative as need be to encourage and inspire tribe members to help them reach that goal.

Each month the achievement of tribes in reaching their goal for the month will be on displayed in the vestibule. The tribes will then have the challenge of surpassing that mark in the next month.

12 Tribes